Virus III

by Worm Monolith




1. an infective, parasitic agent; usually regarded as nonliving, complex molecules, typically consisting of a nucleic DNA or RNA core of genetic material covered in a protein coating. A virus is only capable of growth and multiplication within living cells.

2. a string of code, or a program, that is capable of corrupting a computer system.

3. a harmful or poisonous influence.

Virus III is the last album in a three-part series that aims to explore what happens when we lose control. A virus can come in many ways; we can contract a curable or incurable virus that can affect our lives; we can contract a computer virus that can wipe out our digital lives; or we can have people or cruxes (like drug addictions) that can poison our bodies and minds. Virus III examines these concepts through the birth, life, and death of our digital world, and stands as a separate work to Virus I and II, but functions as a continuation.

Worm Monolith.
Resist politics.
Reject propaganda.
Restore free thought.


released September 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Worm Monolith Michigan

Worm Monolith is a Michigan-based noise artist and musician, with a focus on harsh rhythmic noise and death industrial.

Resist politics. Reject propaganda. Restore free thought.

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